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The Freight Wars were a defining event in the history of The Fringe. Generations later their impact is still felt. Out of the numerous games inspired by the war, Freight Raiders depicts Freight Wars combat more accurately than most. Many forget that Round Power was more interested in stealing Dugall Freight’s ships than destroying them. If you have a desktop PC you can download and play Freight Raiders right now. You chose either Dugall Freight or Round Power and eliminate all opposing crew members to capture their ship.

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This game is a retro shooter similar to the classic games Wolfenstein3d and Doom. Choose between two rival factions, shoot your way through the freight corridors and capture the bridge.



WASD                              - Movement

E                                           - Open doors

MB1                                    - Shoot

1-4 or Mousewheel   - Change weapons



Thanks to: 

Daniel L.K . Caldwell for the music.

Taylor DuBose for the box art design.

!!! Please read the "readme" file !!!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorCrowhill Studios
GenreShooter, Action
Tags3D, Doom, First-Person, FPS, Retro, Sci-fi, Space


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I loved tasting a little bit of The Fringe's lore with the game! Simple yet fun little game, congrats and thank you for making it! 

Thank you very much! :)


Great graphics =) The style and animations is very good! Also interesting idea with choosing side. And i love the music in main menu =)

Maybe gameplay too difficult with long reload of the first gun. But animation of reload is outstanding =)


Thank you!! :) Yeah the reload animation is long, but its, almost, true to the lore around the pistol. But there are more and better weapons to find ;)

I think my resolution is kinda messed up. Is there any way to run it in windowed mode? Config file? 

There should be a option for that in game, but you can also fix that in the config


wow this looks dope af, gonna try it out soon!